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Delos...Good to hear from you Old Timer! It's been a while...


I also have an excel spreadsheet that I made & use, but, primarily, I use the mixw built in log, plus the "icon.cfg" file and the "icons" folder within mixw to tell me if I need them or if I've worked them before.


Back in the day, that excel spreadsheet is what I used to submit, for LONP, to Charlie, K8IJ. Not necessary anymore with David's great log checker.

Milt N6MG


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I also use Excel to maintain my list of calls of unworked club members. 

Delos / NO8R

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A few months ago I made a little list of needed grids using Excel and keep next to radio so when I work a grid I can quickly see if I need it.  It has been very helpful/  Last night I compared it to the checker  and found that a few had been worked .   Crossed them off list, but found a couple that were missing and not worked.


Wonder if anyone working on grids does same ???    Still have lots of grids to work and it may be years before I finish , if ever. 


Jerry  n9avy

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