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Matthew King - AK4MK <kk4cps@...>

The recent discussions of progress on grid awards, and the increasing number of portable/mobile operations has led to some discussions about how grid credit was awarded.  Up until now, credit has only been awarded for grids worked.  This seems a bit unfair to those PSKers who make the effort to work mobile, or portable from locations other than their home QTH – particularly when activating rarer grids.  The August PSK31 Expedition (APE) Award is a prime example.  

After discussion, we have decided that effectively immediately, activating a grid will be recognized in the same way credit is give for working a grid!  Hopefully this will encourage more APEs, mobile, and portable PSK31 operations.  We also decided to make it retroactive!

However, since APE, mobile, or portable operations make up only a minor portion of the total logs submitted, it does not make sense to spend the time and energy to rewrite the code of the Checker.  Consequently, we have devised a “work around” that will give you credit.

Here are the steps:

  1. Once you have complete your APE, mobile, or portable work, create a “Phantom Entry” in your log.  Just one “Phantom Entry” for each different grid worked from.

  1. The “Phantom Entry” should show working from your home QTH and grid, with the station worked as your call sign while APE, mobile, or portable.   If you used a /P or /M or a special call, use that.  If you used your standard call, use it.
    (example: AK4MK worked AK4MK/P or AK4MK worked AK4MK)

  1. The date of the “Phantom Entry” must be the same as one or more of your log entries while working APE, mobile, or portable.

  1. Make sure the grid, state, and city (if appropriate) for the station worked show the correct information for the location you were working from.

  1. Make sure the time on and time off for the “Phantom Entry” does not conflict with any existing log entries.

  1. Save your updated log.  Then follow the standard steps for exporting your log to ADIF format.

  1. Upload your new ADIF file to the Awards Progress Checker using your standard call and the grid worked from will be included in your credits!  After uploading, you may need to refresh the 070-Grids page in your browser.

All previous APE, mobile, or portable operations can be credited using this procedure.  

Matt King

AK4MK - 070 #1708

PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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