Re: Lousy conditions ???

Jerry N9AVY

Can't blame him as Iowa has nice blizzards (Not at Dairy Queen !)

From: Dan Morris <dbmorris315@...>
Sent: Sunday, January 7, 2018 1:16 PM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Lousy conditions ???

Yep, KD0CA, Jerry lives in IA but in the winter months he travels down to Harlingen, TX until the weather gets better back up in IA.  

Dan Morris  KZ3T

I live to live for Him!

On Jan 7, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:

Well ... not sure how lousy condition were because in last 2 days I processed a bunch of endorsements.  KK6KMU  made LONP  - Congrats !   A couple others added to  their LONP totals and many got grids endorsements. 

There were a couple of rejections ...  AL7MH is NOT in Alaska  ... NL13679 is NOT a valid ham call, but an SWL ID for Netherlands... and one must have a 070#  which matches up with callsign.  Oh, and KD0CA/5  is NOT in Asia !

All told, everyone did a nice job on the endorsements for bands with "lousy conditions".

Congrats all  !!!

Jerry  n9avy

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