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Jim K5SP

Geary, would loved to have had an OK station in my log.  You are only about 120 miles or so from me here in Gainesville.  N5SLY is about 30 miles east in Sherman could see people working him, but did not see his signal at all.

I too have a vertical up, a Gap Titan DX, but have started having SWR problems at times with it (It is 20 years old).  Am too old to climb the ladder to take it down, so changed to an end=fed wire. 

If you have room, look into the QSO-King, good for 160-10 meters.  The one I have is the shorter one, 80 feet I think.  Grandson helped get it up, the end=fed up on a short tower, then used one of those little drones to take the wire up over a tree, and tied it off on a lower branch.  It works great, not sure of the exact final count yet, but had over 100 Q's using that antenna, and have been given several reports that my signal is strong in all directions.

And, have made the change of your email address in the database.

Jim K5SP

On 1/7/2018 9:26 AM, Geary McDowell wrote:

Thanks Rick, I have have major SWR issues for years here, nine yrs, and no one has been able to figure them out.  I sold my vertical a couple of months ago, usually my best antenna.  I was checking my small Alpha Delta when the rope broke and it fell on me.  So I had to rely on the big boy, the Alpha Delta LB+, which was great when I put it up, but pretty sorry the last few years.  As long as I keep my power down around 20 to 25 watts for all HF comms, the SWR stays around 2.0 or less.  Better than the >31 my analyzer normally shows me.  Maybe the cold below freezing wx we had for several days got the length of that wire the correct length.  HI HI  My hearing is so bad about all I do is digital, so when something is happening it is good.  Zero QSOs in the 2017 ARRL Field Day was pretty disappointing, but yesterday was good.  I've been able to do 30-50 a day on FT8 when I do it, but I like good conversations sometimes too, so I enjoy PSK better overall.  I was happy with my thirty.  I did upload last night, and will again when I see the "all clear" to reupload.
Thanks again Rick, seems like I am one of a few Oklahoma stations on PSK and always glad to give other HAMs OK.  
73, Geary KE5IRK

On Sunday, January 7, 2018 9:00 AM, Rick - N7WE <n7we1980@...> wrote:

Glad you had fun.  That's what it is all about.  And thanks for the QSO.  You were my only Oklahoma in the entire contest!  Hope you made some good progress on endorsements as well.  The contests, and particularly PSK Fest bring out a lot of operators all at the same time.  Please do post your log up to the contest scorer when Matt gives us the "all clear."  There is no such thing "too few to post."  If you log one QSO you've earned an atta boy sticker!

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