Re: Soapbox Anyone?

Jim K5SP

Another great 070 club contest!!! 

I managed to operate much more than I intended.  80 meters was great Friday evening, and 40 was ok. Got on Saturday morning around 7AM local and worked some on 40.  Saturday 20M was booming. Managed to work west coast, east coast, PR, Canada, even had some you don't see often.  Couple of Idaho, Wash, Oregon, WY.  Only thing north of me was one KS station none of the Dakotas, Neb,  Ok. 

Saturday on 20 proved that the lack of propagation is caused by the scarcity of people on the bands. 

Had a blast, and looking forward to the next one, which is Valentines Sprint, I think.
Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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