Re: Soapbox Anyone?

Bill Garwood

Soapbox Comments:

Made a lot of contacts on 80 and 40.  Some strange looking signals on the waterfall from time to time.  7.040 is usually good for a couple of DX stations but it was full of RTTY.  I would call CQ and sometimes would get someone send their call sign one time but often it was scrambled.  Me thinks you should send your call at least twice.  Also, I know what my call is, if you call me, send my call one time and send your call two or three times.  A lot of fun, wish the propagation had been better but the waterfall got a good workout.  I really enjoy the PODXS 070 Club!

Happy Radio!  Bill N4GBK in NC  #1688 LONP #252

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Subject: [070Club] Soapbox Anyone?
One typical contest aspect that has been missing from our 070 contests is SOAPBOX.  So here's your chance.  Post your 2018 PSK Fest stories and experiences here.  Anything from "had fun" to "it was so cold the iguanas froze, fell out of the palm trees, and pulled down my homebrew 16 mile long receive-only beverage antenna."  Let's hear how it was for you!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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