Re: endorsement counts

Jerry N9AVY

Always thought it was immediate as well, but sometimes slowdowns happen for whatever reason/
Expecting instant results is what really hurt 10-10 Net because people thought they should get everything instantaneously within minutes.  10-10's 100+ chapters is now down to around 30 and participants are hard to find these days.
Patience, Grasshopper .    :-)

Jerry  N9AVY

From: Randy True <w4rttrandy@...>
Sent: Friday, January 5, 2018 2:22 PM
Subject: [070Club] endorsement counts

After uploading an adf, how long should it take the endorsement checker to update.I added a new Belgium that isn't showing and a total of 10 so far today, and my 365 isn't showing the new ones for today.

Randy W4RTT


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