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We visited some friends up in Rochester several years ago and overnight they got a foot ++ of snow.  When we woke up in the morning and looked out and saw it they just shrugged it off.  "Just a dusting".  I guess it's all relative.

We got about a foot today but it was all powder so not a big deal.  As long as we continue to have power (heat) NBD.

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Back in early 70's I was visiting with an old school friend in Louisville when as they said there was a "snowstorm". However it was what we Northerners would call a "dusting", but those Kentuckians lost the mind as they thought it was the end of the earth. Louisville was essentially unprepared for this with a lack of snow removal equipment. As Ray said it was much like Nashville with counting the number of accidents per mile.

The best advice was in Ray's last sentence , " stay home" !

But it isn't only confined to Southerners,  many Christmas Eve's ago the family and I were driving to my Daughter's in Minnesota.  When we hit the stretch of I-90 between Janesville (WI)  and Madison there was black ice. Semis didn't have much control and were sliding and those in 4WD vehicles were mostly in the ditch  which in some areas were kind of a long ways down.  We made it to Madison and grabbed the first hotel room. Everything had cleared up by morning.

Couple years later we were headed back from Minnesota and there we were in middle of snowstorm on I-90 between Austin (Spamtown USA !) and Lacrosse (WI). Speed limit was 70 mph and not many slowed down. Lots of vehicles in the ditches - all had Minnesota license plates !  Pulled off at next gas station/restaurant and broke off about 1 " of ice on nose of van; then rested.

Sometimes people just underestimate the conditions and the capabilities of their vehicles.  As Ray said. "... when in doubt stay home ' !

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Years ago, I flew into the Nashville airport just as snow was beginning to fall. It was late afternoon and the sun soon set. The pavement was still warm enough to melt the snow, but as soon as the sun set, the water froze into black ice. Tennessee has no state vehicle inspection, so many people tried to stretch the life of their tires. We only have an emissions inspection in Illinois, but only a fool begins winter without good tire tread up here.

Driving along Briley Pky in a rental car, I saw cars literally slide sideways off the road into ditches. Trucks jackknifed on I-40. Even though I knew how to drive under those conditions, it became apparent that the natives had no clue what they were doing. I took the next exit off the Pky and found a hotel room, even though my reservation for the evning was on the other side of town. The news reports the next day indicated there were 70 accidents per mile on the main roads around town. Unfortunately, one poor soul was killed when he slid off an Interstate ramp and down an embankment.

Thus, I have the greatest of sympathy for those who live in areas who have little or no snow removal equipment and who drive in snow and ice so seldom that they never develop that skill. If you live in such an area, stay home, stay safe, stay warm and play radio.


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Just heard this one on 20m PSK ...      " ... locals have never driven on this stuff before and there are accidents all over ..."

Obviously referring to snow and ice... been there saw that years ago.  People in those climates tend to drive on "Bald Eagles" and have never driven on slick surfaces before.  When I got my drivers license there was a shopping center nearby which had a clear iced over parking lot; so took my vehicle (2 WD)  out a did donuts with every intention of losing control, but I quickly learned how to make a recovery from skids and spins.  Later, driving in all kids of weather it paid off; especially on "black ice".

Maybe someone could open up an ice rink in the South for the same reasons and make a fortune charging $100+  an hour for the thrill of what we experience every Winter up North ? 

Jerry  n9avy

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