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Randy - the checker seems to be showing your most recent 365 entries.  Here's a screenshot of your checker run. It shows that you have 177 dates filled, the latest of which is 2018-01-02.  I've highlighted a couple others.

If you've got entries from December as well, I'd suggest comparing your log entries for a few of those dates to the entries for the most recent two and see what differs.

The 2017-01-16 date on the PDF is showing when you achieved the [090] level. When you achieve the [180] level, it'll spit out a new PDF with the date that you achieve that level on it.

If you click on your callsign under 070-365, it'll show you your current filled in slots. It's actually showing 179 slots for you. I'm not sure where the disconnect is.

It does NOT show the most recent (1/1, 1/2) dates however, and has a date of 28SEP2017 on it, so I've asked David to take a look. He's extraordinarily busy, so it could be a while, but we can hope it'll be soon!

Hang in there and keep working dates!


Matt King
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On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 12:01 PM, Randy True <w4rttrandy@...> wrote:

What is the update process on the 365 award?

I filled almost all my missing December from 2017 and have the 1st and 2nd for Jan 2018, but they don't show on the pdf.

Randy W4RTT

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