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Your email wasn't "off list"...


I'm good shape and I generally post when I have something of value to say. to say.

I've never felt it necessary  to respond to just about every post that somebody else makes, regardless of the topic.

Suke's tower:

The concrete at the base and it's footings, in engineering speak, is called a "grade beam". It helps his tower survive the vibrations of the earthquake prone area of Fukishima, by linking the base of each leg to each other, via concrete, below the surface of the ground. That's usually done at the very bottom of the excavation. The size of the excavation, footings, and grade beams are determined by what the soils report says. Mushy soil?...keep digging baby! Hard pack clay?...much preferred.

BTW, it was 82F here today.



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Because of mutual issues between Milt and myself, I haven't seen any emails from him or to the list in almost 2 years.   Just thought I'd let you know.

Jerry  n9avy


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Ur new 4L wud luk mitey fine on that twr

On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 12:27 pm, Milton Garb wrote:

Jerry, tks for the WX report from Illinois.  We didn’t know that...

Through the years, I've worked Suke 38 times, 10m - 75m  Both BPSK 31, and CW.

He's a fixture on the bands from the left coast.

Want to see something cool?

Visit his website and check out his tower & shack.

An amazing structure.





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