PSK31 Demo station

John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi all,

This upcoming saturday (20th) I will be active from the Southside Amateur Radio Club Hamfest, in Grandview, MO.
(That is, if I can piece everything together - Hi) I know that there are a lot of Ham's out there who have heard about PSK31, but never have seen it in action. By demonstrating this mode at the Hamfest, I hope we will see some more stations from the Kansas City area on our screens in the near future. I will be active from 14:00utc until 20:00 utc,( of and on...I have to check out the "toys" too!) mainly on 20 mtr, but if things work out the way I hope they will, I might be on 15 and 10 as well. Hope to see you on screen at the Hamfest! 73 de John KC0DEB

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