Re: Need a 'U' for my Spell All South American Countries Endorsement

Stephen Melachrinos

The rule fails in that there is no alphabetical suffix for either of those calls. JY1 did not even have a suffix. I think Barry says that 150 is the suffix, and that's a number. 

I'm not sure there's a reasonable, easy-to-implement rule to cover these calls, especially if it had to be coded into the awards checker. We could say that if there was no suffix, then it's a wild card, but that would be extremely difficult to code in the checker, as it would involve creating a new field to be evaluated. We could also say that if the suffix was a number, then it's the first letter of the number spelled out. But would Barry's VB7150 be an O (for one hundred fifty) or a C (for cent cinquante)? Would we have to spell the number in the country's official language? Suppose that language doesn't use the alphabet that the award is set up for (English)?

When I wrote that email, I struggled to come up with additional examples (beyond those two) and I couldn't come up with any. Frankly, I think they're rare enough that the current implementation (that if there are no letters in the suffix, then they don't count) isn't onerous.


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How does the rule work for calls like JY1 or VB7150. (Or does it not work?)

I guess JY1(who I had the privilege of working several times) is moot, but VB7510 is pretty common these days!



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There have been a number of 070 endorsements (and contests) based on "suffix", and they have always been defined and/or interpreted as the first letter after the last number in the callsign. In addition to BINGO and WOTMC (word of the month), there was MONA and HER CAT (2003, 070's first use of a suffix-based endorsement), WTW (ongoing), and the ERIN GO BRAGH bonus points in the St Patty's day contest.

Yes, it probably could (and should) be more carefully worded in all of the various places where it's used, but I think the club's intent to be consistent is clear.


P.S. The "in general" in the rules is to allow for some strange cases. JY1 and VB7150 are examples where this rule fails.


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