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Watched Dick work Barry & Rick in DM75 then the band went AWOL here in WY.  Please keep us posted on your other grids. 

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Saw you just as I was walking in to an appointment; just my luck!



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Today's summary of Grid activity.

Started in DM85 and worked a couple of stations, but no one looking for grids.  Did not see many traces on at all. BSeem to be having trouble will low power output.  Stopped at the NM welcome station and tightened all of the connectors in the feed line and that seemed to take care of the problem.

Also propagation seemed to be more to the West from my location in TX/NM than to the East.

Worked Barry, VB7150 when at DM75 and then at DM74.  Worked Rick, N7WE at DM75 and just missed him in DM74.  This was an interesting grid, as I40 just skims the top of it for about 20-30 miles.  Stopped for a few minutes at a rest stop to try and get some additional contacts, but not much action.  Several stations answered my CQ, but then did not come back for QSO.  Propagation seemed to be varying.  It did seem to start favoring East/West direction.
Worked stations in WV, FL, GA, AZ, BC, CA, OR, & WA so not to bad for 50 watts to a hamstick mounted on the side of the mini-van.  The xyl did the driving and suggested stopping at the rest area in DM74 to try to give more opportunity for contacts.

Again the major problem was trying to type on bumpy roads, the keyboard on my Asus laptop seems to be somewhat sensitive.  Heading for a couple of days in Las Vegas (looking for real wildlife, not the kind on the strip) and then on to San Jose for a week.  Will be back on the road to Southren CA around Salton Sea and then on to TX coast.


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