Re: Remote PSK

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Welcome to the world of Bill Gates. In the Unix (Linux) world what you are trying to do is piece of
cake (particularly like your case where security isn't a real issue on a trusted user closed system)
For Linux your trying to do an rlogin and run remote x-windows. Unfortunately there aren't really
good PSK programs for Linux. I know this doesn't help but I couldn't resist the advertisement for
Linux. I have yet to figure out why hams have embraced Windows when the spirit of the open source
software community is so akin to hamming. Oh well may the next generation.

Just an Linux oldcyberdude and ham, 73 Dave WB5NHL

---- wrote:

Here's one for the IT techies. (or, a challenge for Ernie's Elmers)

My shack is on the second floor. There I have my rig and an older PC, which
I use for PSK ops. My laptop is downstairs, where I would like to be able to
work PSK from. I set up a minimal Ethernet (read that a crossover cable) and
the two PC's talk and play nice together.

When I tried to start up Digipan on the shack PC, from the remote laptop, it
showed the desktop and files on the shack PC. Now here's the fly in the
ointment. Digipan starts up, but it's the version that is on the laptop. I
can tell because it show a "AA8QQ/3" in the title bar which is from my MD
operation earlier this year.

Any takers?
Jay - AA8QQ

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