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Steve W3HF

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Here's one for the IT techies. (or, a challenge for Ernie's Elmers)

My shack is on the second floor. There I have my rig and an older
PC, which
I use for PSK ops. My laptop is downstairs, where I would like to
be able to
work PSK from. I set up a minimal Ethernet (read that a crossover
cable) and
the two PC's talk and play nice together.

When I tried to start up Digipan on the shack PC, from the remote
laptop, it
showed the desktop and files on the shack PC. Now here's the fly
ointment. Digipan starts up, but it's the version that is on the
laptop. I
can tell because it show a "AA8QQ/3" in the title bar which is from
my MD
operation earlier this year.

Any takers?
Jay - AA8QQ
Jay -

If I understand correctly, you want to be able to operate the
and rig which are upstairs, from a laptop that is downstairs and
connected via ethernet. There are a number of issues going on here,
but here's my take on what's happening.

You may be able to "run" (i.e, use the executable) that resides on
shack PC, but Digipan is actually running on the laptop, not
the shack PC. Furthermore, it seems to be looking for configuration
files that are on the local drive, not the shack PC's drive.
That's why you see the callsign from the laptop. That is typical of a
program that is not intended to run over a network, in a
environment. You may be able to modify the configuration files to
across the network, though. I'm not home to check on this, but some
programs (e.g., Pegasus, a freeware email program I use) have a
configuration text file that lists the locations of certain reference
files. If you can find one, and it has a path like "C:\Program
Files\Digipan\configfile.txt", you might try changing it to
"\\ShackPC\Cdrive\Program Files\Digipan\configfile.txt", where
is the network name of your shack PC, and Cdrive is the name you gave
its hard drive when you set it up for network sharing. Note that the
double-backslash is required--it tells Windows to go across the
network rather than starting with the root directory of the local PC.

But more importantly, if you want to use the sound card interface
the associate radio) that is in the shack PC, the issue is that the
software must RUN on the shack PC. Your laptop will not be able to
its sound card to interface to the radio unless the laptop is in the

That means that you want to use the laptop to be a remote TERMINAL to
the shack PC, not to simply run the software remotely. And that's not
a feature that is native to Windows. You need a third-party utility
do this.

At my place of employment, we use a program called Timbuktu to
this function. This sets up the local PC as the monitor, mouse, and
keyboard for the remote PC, but the application really runs on the
remote PC. That's what you want, so you can then use the sound card
and radio interface in the shack. I'm sure there are other
applications that do a similar function, but I'm not familiar with
them as I've never had the need for them. You will need the third
party software on both PCs to make this work.

I hope this helps. And I hope I did not misinterpret your question.


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