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Richard Rohrer

Thanks for the info Rick.  We are going to be in a time-share for a week, so I will have time to active that grid. 






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That's great Dick.  Will be watching for your posts and for your calls.  The reason EL28 is in demand is that it was excluded from the endorsement specifically because so much of it is water.  

Work US stations in 436 of the 488 CONUS gridsquares, in increments of 50. We took the ARRL FFMA map ( and excluded the following (nearly all water or VE/XE): CM79 CM86 CM93 CM94 CN70 CN72 CN73 CN74 CN75 CN76 CN77 CN78 DL79 DL98 DM02 DM03 DM12 DM22 DM31 DM61 EL15 EL28 EL58 EL79 EL84 EL86 EN29 EN48 EN57 EN58 EN62 EN63 EN64 EN67 EN85 EN86 EN92 FM02 FM13 FM25 FM26 FM27 FN03 FN14 FN25 FN35 FN46 FN51 FN53 FN57 FN66 FN67 

That said, I do have 2 EL28 stations in the log that I worked while we were on our 2016 Farewell Tour.  One lives down there on the coast and the other was "just passin' through."  I'm sure you will have plenty of takers if you call from EL28!  Travel safe!

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