Re: Dec/Jan Road Trip

Stephen Melachrinos

Dick -

Yes, I need a few more than Jerry: all except EL28. But I may not be on the air on 12/28, due to the aforementioned family vacation.

I'll be in Denver on 9 Jan--maybe we can work then.


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Hi All,
Will be on the road again for an extended trip out West.  Should be in DM74 and DM85 on 12/28 on they way out.  Dm23 on 1/9/18 and EL28 from 1/12/18 to 1/18/18.  I know Steve and Jerry are looking for these grids if anyone else it let me know and I will try to work you.  Will generally be on 20 when moving and 20/40 when stopped for the night.  Will be using KC3EF/M as last time. We are heading out on 12/25 going thru FL, AL, MS, LA and TX on I10.  Then going up on US69 and US82 to Amarillo, TX.  Then I40 to Gallup, NM and Kingman, AZ.  Then US93 to Las Vegas.  

On the return we are heading down CA to Salton Sea and then back South across AZ, NM, to TX.  

Will probably give a call when we enter a new grid.  


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