Re: Awards Checker

Barry 1470 <boat.anchor@...>

Or if David is too busy at the moment just upload as W3XYZ so you can see what you have earned.
Best of the season to all

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 05:06 pm, Stephen Melachrinos wrote:
Mike -
All your awarded endorsements are still there, even though the checker isn't showing the QSOs. Compare the WM4B and W3XYZ pages: yours has a bunch of lines in blue on the left side. They're the endorsements that are credited, and they don't go away even if the QSOs aren't in the upload. W3XYZ's page has nothing in blue on the left--everything is on the right side in red except for the three "in process" given the three QSOs uploaded.
So the database of endorsements earned by WM4B is still there--it's just that you can't get any more until you change your call (or David finds the software gremlin--whichever comes first)!
My guess is that something in that ADIF parser that the checker is using is getting hung up on the callsign, and corrupting the internal file it creates in a way that the data can't then be processed. David should be able to see it by looking at the internal file.

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