Re: Problems with ACLog

Jim K5SP

Next time this happens, you might export your log as a CSV file, import it into Excel, and create/run a macro on that column to convert the last two characters to lowercase. Would make it much easier.   Then you export the log as .csv and import it into ACLOg.

Jim K5SP

On 12/19/2017 3:53 PM, N9JCA Chris Matthews wrote:

One of the things I have found is when I did a " ALL CONFIRMED "

download from lotw to ACLog ALL my Grids were in Upper case

i.e AA56TY so what I had to do was go through ALL my contacts and make the

last 2 Digits Lower case i.e. AA56ty

This may or may not be the case but just thinking out loud

N9JCA Chris PODXS # 797

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