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Stephen Melachrinos

Jerry -

Regardless of whether Mike has more than 1300 QSOs, the checker is showing no credit at all towards any endorsement or award--nothing for WTW, nothing for LONP, nothing towards any endorsement, nothing towards 365 or 24x7. You (and anyone else) can see this by clicking on Mike's callsign. This indicates to me that something is wrong with the current upload. 

I tried reading the report that the checker generates, but I can't see anything that would DQ every QSO. There are a lot of non-PSK31 QSOs in the file (a lot of FT8 and some RTTY and SSB), but there are definitely some PSK31. There are some errors that are pervasive (100% of records have a contest field, 99% have a QSLSCB field, 99% have a SPCNUM field, 60% have a QSLRCB field) but I don't know if these are enough to make all the entries unusable. After all, the report also says that 100% of the entries have all the required fields included (Call, Band, Mode, Date, Time_On).

Mike: Have you tried looking at the ADIF yourself (in a text file viewer) to see if it's being properly formed?


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I see you have about 1300 Q's , did you have more ???  I hope you're uploading your entire log every time you upload.

Otherwise, there may be a glitch some where.


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Anyone else having issues with the Award  Checker tonight?  I just uploaded my log and it zeroed out all my award totals and shows zero awards in-progress.
The first page shows the correct number of QSOs but the 2nd page shows zero.
Tried numerous uploads and exported the ADIF file several times.

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