New Ape Coordinator / Staff Directory

Matthew King - AK4MK

Hey, y'all!

I just wanted introduce our new APE coordinator, Bryon Negrom, W7RIV.  

Bryon has been active in our group, contributed to the APE effort in the past with an activation or two, and is excited to help out.

He'll be promoting APE throughout the year, gathering information on scheduled APE events to make a "living" APE schedule, coordinating with APE activators after the fact to get the Tall Tale reports and pictures, and writing "after action" articles for the website. 

He'll also be tabulating all those that contact the various APE activations so that we can get back to receiving our APE certificates (for the activators) and our APE stickers (for the activators and their contacts). YEAH!

Please check out the newly updated Staff Directory that includes other position updates as well:

Bryon will be working with me to coordinate/publish the past APE results for which I have information. I know some info was sent to Larry Brown, WB5CXC before his untimely passing. That data will need to be sent again, but we'll try to figure out what we have on hand first, then request information again.

We want to have a bumper crop of APE events this upcoming year, so put on your thinking caps and start planning!


Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708
PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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