Matt I have a question

Geary McDowell <gearymcdowell@...>

Sorry for using a reply to get through, but nothing is working for me for some reason, even the direct link at the club web site.  My message below even bounced back to me.
Geary, KE5IRK

Hay Matt,
I tried to send a question to the group after the move and just now tried to go into the "group 070" and it told me I was not a subscriber.  Can you tell me which of my now 18 email addresses y'all are using to send to me.  I am guessing it is one of these:  1) ke5irk@... (which I thought we changed a year ago as it will not let me send from there, or 2) gearymcdowell@... which is my primary email I have been looking to get rid of as it is so long.  I also have a couple of gmail accounts, the other option might be ke5irk@...  I doubt I would have used any of the others for anything HAM.
Thanks, 73, Geary McDowell #1787

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