antenna problems, etc

Jerry N9AVY

aThings were okay until I tried putting antenna tuner and coax switch back in line. Couldn't seem to get any readings except when going directly to coax with antenna at other end. Dumb old HFT1500 (Vectronics/MFJ)  didn't seem to show any swr no matter how much I played with tuner.  Have 2 tuners, one is a real Vectronics & other is a MFJ, the both gave zero responses... couldn't tune anything .  Drat ! 

Decided to try them on the air ...nothing on 20m so went to 40m where I worked John, KD8JSP, and all was okay.  Went to 80m and SWR was sky high !  Back to drawing board.

Took new tuner  and noticed what could be a problem as was pointed out to me by KF2GQ the other day...  roller inductor upon eyeball inspection looked a little funky with corrosion. Looking for spray contact cleaner (wherever I put it !) , but the solution will be to put the same stuff in contact that we put on antennas - No-Ox or Penetrox.

I believe that and changing out coax switch will solve problems.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  This problem may be what wiped out my Amp a year or so ago.

Jerry  n9avy

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