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Jerry N9AVY

Wow !  This is a really helpful place !  Rick got most of the right information here from a few down his way. 

I admit I know very little about A/C units because up North we don't use them as much because when summer is over we need heat.  Woke up the other day freezing (forgot to put plastic barrier on window) and the temp was 20F with snow on ground. 

Judging from the wx reports I get from FL parts it can get hot down there and A/C is not a luxury.

Good work with the info !

Jerry   n9avy

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Thjanks for the quick responses and the advice guys.  Greatly appreciated.  Here's what I know so far:
1) Our 16 year old unit is a Lennox that uses R-22 refrigerant.  R-22 will no longer be manufactured or sold after 2020 (Thank you government!)  So even if I repair and recharge the current one, it can't be repaired after 2020. - New unit is only reasonable answer.
2) The contract will definitely have a "no RFI" clause added.
3) Rheem and Goodman get good internet reviews.
4) From what I read on the internet, the RFI problems come mostly from the "variable speed" models.  They are supposedly the best for comfort, but 2 stage compressor models and single stage compressor models are still made.  So I think we are looking at an old style single stage compressor, and do not replace the constant speed air handler motor please!  Our old unit made no RFI from the compressor, the control unit, nor the air handler.  More later.  Again many many tnz
Rick - N7WE
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