Re: KN4 calls - blast from the past !

Stephen Melachrinos

I know Pete. And I think I have more old callbooks than he does. (I know where he got his, and I had first dibs on that collection.)

His advantage is that he's retired, and has more time for this. I'm still working 40+ hours a week. He's also better at publicity than I am. But if you ask the FCC for help with old callsigns, they'll send you to me, not him.


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There is a guy - NL7XM - known as Pete the Greek - who has a marvelous collection of old call books.  If you sent him your old call and home location at the time, he would research it back to your first listing in the Call Books and send you a copy.  It used to be he didn't charge anything, but most people sent some $ to help with copy costs and mailing.   His QRZ page has a picture of him standing in front of a bookcase filled with call books. I think he is still doing it.  There is an eHam review HERE
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