Re: KN4 calls - blast from the past !

Stephen Melachrinos

Yup, WR was for repeaters. WR2ABZ was our club's.

The rule on moving changed in 1978. That was just before I moved from NJ to CA, and it enabled me to keep my WA2FKS call until I traded it in for a 1x2 in 2000.


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I was a WD9 as a Novice and also as a Tech;  upgraded to general in 1979  and received present call.

I also remember there were some WR calls issued back then and think they were for repeaters. I remember WC calls; they should have been issuued to rest room attendants. 
Also remember there was a bit of confusion with the KA's being issued back in those days; seems that KA2's were assigned to Ryukyu Islands ( Okinawa) U.S. military personnel and the problem arose when they were also issued to some in NY/NJ. As soon as Ryukyu Is. was deleted from DXCC list everything was okay.  Had a ham in this area who presented his Okinawa license at IL  DMV to get strange call sign on his plates.

Don't recall when the rule changed, but there was a time if you moved out of your district , you had to obtain a call that matched the district you were in.  Another FCC screw up.  Used to be when you heard a W1 call he was in VT, ME, NH, CT, RI or MA and you'd know where to point your beam.  Now everyone is every where !

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