Nailed it!! Completed WTW!

stan W9SMR

Got that last illusive "I" call tonite.

Been a along trail, but it finally fell in my lap. W9ICK across the state in Palm Bay, FL  just happened to whip up a CQ when I was looking. Will upload soon.

Love this mode and love this group!!

Thanks to all who make it work!!

73, Happy Holidays to all,

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Subject: [070] Help: AK4MK Completes WTW!

Congrats Matt!!  Great dedication, for sure.

I am close behind you.

Rick, N7WE noted after I made the 365+1 award last month that I needed only 8 "N" and 6 "I" calls for WTW.

Based on his challenge, I started to pay attention.

As of last nite I had my 8 "N" calls and needed just ONE more "I" call.

Any "I" call volunteers who have not worked W9SMR yet?

This is such a wonderful hobby!!





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Please join me in congratulating Matt - AK4MK - who yesterday completed his Work The World Award Series.  This is a monumental achievement of 9 seperate, ordered awards requiring a total of 2246 QSOs and years to achieve.  Matt completed the first level of this endorsement on Dec. 6, 2013.  He becomes only the 32nd person to complete the entire series since it was introduced July 1, 2012.

Well done Matt!

Rick - N7WE

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