Re: [070_contest] Move to GROUPS.IO vs Yahoo Groups

Thomas Kisner <tom@...>

No, *please* keep a separate Contests group. I subscribe to individual
e-mails for the Contest group, but only to digests of the regular group.

I don't want to miss the contest information because I don't have tags
or threads configured just the right way.


Tom KN6Q

On 2017-12-01 15:44, David Westbrook [070_contest]
2v quick thoughts...
Well 3 -- very good point by Steve that it is another login (but so
what, every one v already has a zillion logins).

Makeb sure to.keep the Yahoo groups for archive purposes... Just
disable posting.

Not necessary to keep the separate contest group in [2]?
Arguably wasn't needed in Yahoo (cause then could argue needc
additional groups for other subtopics)... But i believe the "i only
want to see stuff I'm interest ed in" argument is satisfied by the
tags/labels features in [2] ...
I haven't used it much - maybe someone can post reference page - but
threads can be tagged, and you can set it (w your login) to see/not
see certain tags. E.g. a "dx spot" tag would be a good example.


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