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Stephen Melachrinos

Matt -

And a followup, for those investigating how the "smooth transition" works from Yahoo to

I actually do have a Yahoo ID, but I have four separate email addresses tied to it. I have the group emails sent to one of these, not to the default Yahoo address. How does that work in the transition? Does somehow figure out which email address I actually use? Or will I have to do that manually?


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Fair enough, Steve. I thought Yahoo still required you to have a Yahoo email address (most likely in addition to whatever "real" email address one uses) in order to use Yahoo Groups. Didn't know they'd changed that.

Sure, if you change your email address, won't magically know that, and you'll have to update it just like anywhere else you'd want to use said new email address.

At least here, if you are using your "standard" email address on Yahoo Groups, it'll transfer over to and not require a "" specific email.

Thanks for the clarification!


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Matt -

Just a comment to clarify. You stated "No special log-in required, i.e. a Yahoo Group ID/account. It's just your email address, not a whole different entity." DOES require a login--it's just that you are asked to use a separate email address. But if your email address changes, your login will not automatically change, so this really is a "special log-in." And you do have to select a password. And Yahoo now DOES let you use your non-Yahoo email address as a login. So this "advantage" really isn't any different than Yahoo.

Note that I am not suggesting that the shift to is wrong, but I want everyone to know that they actually WILL have another login to remember. 


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