Re: Move to GROUPS.IO vs Yahoo Groups

Mike Besemer <mwbesemer@...>

I believe if people are ported over directly from the Yahoo Group, they do not need to create a login – their email address will be added directly.  At least that seems to be what happened with another of my groups that ported over last week. 


Not sure how it would impact people if they change their email address.


I’m very happy with  Let’s do it.





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Matt -


Just a comment to clarify. You stated "No special log-in required, i.e. a Yahoo Group ID/account. It's just your email address, not a whole different entity." DOES require a login--it's just that you are asked to use a separate email address. But if your email address changes, your login will not automatically change, so this really is a "special log-in." And you do have to select a password. And Yahoo now DOES let you use your non-Yahoo email address as a login. So this "advantage" really isn't any different than Yahoo.


Note that I am not suggesting that the shift to is wrong, but I want everyone to know that they actually WILL have another login to remember. 




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