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Harry Wilkins

"Years ago", I had a cat that loved to lay on top of the radio equipment, presumably for the heat the tubes gave off – I said it was years ago – many years ago.  Anyway, one day I was in the living room and hearing what could almost pass for a very sloppy CQ, over and over again.  I went to the radio room to find out that the cat had learned that when he taps the big red knob on my straight key, it makes a sound.  Fortunately, I was in the habit of putting the SB401 in standby when not sitting in front of it (I also had two toddlers at the time) so I was sure I was the only one hearing the "cat call".  Oh, what could have been…


Harry, K9HW


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Dang... how do you write THAT one up? 


Unidentified transmission?

Broadcasting music?

Indecent and Profane?

No control op?


I kinda like the music angle myself!


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