Never Played?

Rick - N7WE

Have you ever played in one of the 070 PSK31 Contests?  They are low key, fun, and a great way work on endorsements.  First time contesters are very welcome and unlike some other contests, no one is going to bite your head off if you make some mistakes!  Non-members are also encouraged to get in and play.  You don’t have to be an 070 member to win!

All of our contests use the automated online KJ4IZW Contest Scorer.  No complicated scoring sheets to fill out.  No complex calculations.  Simply convert your log to ADIF format (most logging software provides this export function) and upload to the Contest Scorer.  It couldn’t be easier.

Our next contest is the Triple Play Low Band Sprint DOUBLEHEADER coming up December 9 –11.  You can get all the details by clicking HERE.

Rick Butz

N7WE - 070 #1602

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