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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Amen Jerry — I’ll not be using FT8 as a normal mode but only if things are so rough and I get desperate that I just want to make a contact!!!

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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It was an interesting comment I found on FB and just thought I'd pass it along FWIW.   Just had a QSO on 2m this morning with a good friend and the subject of FT-8 came up.  He's made a bunch of contacts  and says it's okay if you just want to log a lot of contacts.  He also mentioned it might be the beginning of the end of Amateur Radio once they eliminate the Operator ... just computers talking to computers.   Interesting view point ...

Jerry  n9avy

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Interesting.  I ran a lot of FT8 over the Thanksgiving holiday (because I could do it 'Armchair Portable' via Teamviewer and still be actively engaged with the rest of the family) and did not encounter that.  Honestly, I don't know how you COULD be crude/rude on FT8 since there is zero human interaction.  

I suppose you could still plop down on an ongoing exchange and muck things up a bit, but anyone going to that much effort is probably a lid regardless of mode.

I'm certainly not going to convert to FT8 full time, but it was a good way to occupy some time this weekend - and I DID work South Africa on 17 meters using only 40 watts.


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   " Ha! ve  you tried the wunnerful FT8 yet? I ran about 200 contacts and went back  to PSK. Encountered a lot of crude and rude ops on FT8." 


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