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Bill Garwood



My PO box is in a tiny small town rural post office.  It is open 24/7 so far.  That’s good for me as I check it a couple of times a week whenever I’m in the area.


My brother in Raleigh has a PO Box in the city that is locked up at night and at times on the weekend.  They were having problems with homeless sleeping in there overnight, leaving a mess and harassing the PO box customers.


Times are a changing for whatever it is the USPS does.  I shop for a lot of stuff on Amazon Prime.  I’m getting home package delivery here in the middle of the swamp on Sundays by the USPS.  I think the USPS is trying hard to improve service and efficiency but that takes time and a commitment by the postal workers nationwide.  I remember using a 5 cent stamp on a letter that took a week or longer to deliver but I think 54 cents for a first class letter that arrives in a day or two is a reasonable cost in today’s economy. 


Y’all have a good week.




Bill N4GBK


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You're got Sunday mail delivery  ???  

They lock my P.O. up at 4 PM Saturday  and don't open until 8:30 AM Monday . USPS is getting finickier with increased postage  going up 5 cents in 2018  to  54 cents for 1 st class.  Mailed a package on Saturday and they wanted to charge an extra  $10 to mark it fragile !    No wonder they're  $2.7 MIL  in the hole !

Jerry  N9AVY

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Went to the PO Box today and lo and behold!  Another envelope of stickers.

Thank you to all of the club members who work to keep the awards, stickers and contests flowing.

Happy Radio!


Bill N4GBK in NC

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