Re: Rogue PSK31 signal

Jerry N9AVY

This is why I sought help from the OO group. They are scattered all over U.S. and they have yagis to get bearings.  Using triangulation they can narrow down that signal. When a line is drawn with beam headings from 2 distinct areas (like East Coat & West coast), where they intersect would narrow down location. A third monitoring signal would intersect at approximately where the other two intersect and thus narrow down even further the rogue signal.

We can only hope...

Jerry  N9AVY

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It's not me. I don't have a beam here else I'd be trying to narrow it down.


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What’s your grid, Barry?

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From south of me

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There's a signal on 14071.71 khz  which has been on for about a week. Several hams have tried to pinpoint the signal, but with not a lot of success.  Would appreciate it if anyone is able to get a direction on that signal.

Seems to be just an idle carrier with no data on it.


Jerry N9AVY


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