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Jerry N9AVY


Very true  for many of us.  No dinero, no toys. 

Jerry  n9avy

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Sadly, the need to put food on the table and $ in the bank preludes such play.


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You naysayers make me laugh
While everyone is focused on easy QSOs (FT8 on 17 & 20M), no one except for a few dedicated PropNET operators continue to put out PSK31 packets on 10-Meters (Plus a couple of other bands).
The past few days, there has been a few openings (Fall/Winter Es). They occur for 1-4 hours, usually late morning to solar noon and again late afternoon into the evening. The Eastern half has had good conditions and out west we really only had one good opening the past 3 days. Again these are short lived and not great openings, but still better than nutin'.

Here is what the PropNET people have seen the last 3 days.

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Also attached a PNG file.
I have heard everyone rave about WSPR and Skimming CW, FT8 & JT65.
But these guys still prevail after all these years.
Put out a simple CQ (CQ CQ de KA5DWI KA5DWI k) and we will post it if heard.
Also many of us announce on our transmissions that our ROBOT is turned on. Call us 3X3 and we will answer you.
Fall/Winter Es are off to a good start. I sure hope it continues.
73 Art KA5DWI/7 AZ

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