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I also have one – I got one of the last production run units offered to club members. Because of it, I received a surprise “Good Operator” card from one of the observers. I consistently get clean signal reports. Well worth it in my humble opinion!


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I have the IMD meter. For anyone whose primary mode of operation is PSK31 or PSK63, this is a very useful tool.


 Rather than relying on ALC settings or unreliable IMD readings from the receiving side of a QSO, the IMD meter measures the IMD of your PSK signal as it comes out of your antenna. There is no physical connection between the IMD meter and your radio. The meter has a wide band receiver that listens to your transmission and gives you a digital indication of the IMD. 


The meter is so sensitive that it will also measure the IMD of PSK signals from stations withing a few miles from the meter. 


The meter also has a RF strength setting that is useful for detecting unwanted noise sources if you install a battery.




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There is a kk7uq IMD Meter listed for sale on  I know nothing about this particular unit nor the seller.  All I do know is that this really neat PSK meter is out of production and you very rarely see one advertised for sale.


Rick - N7WE

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