Re: Signal at 14.07185

Jerry N9AVY

Finally turned on rig (it's raining here)  and that carrier is still there, but frequency has shifted to 14.07170 or so.
Someone is going to have a really warm radio.  Maybe the op a) forgot to unkey rig  b) is wondering why no one is answering or c) thinks he put up a beacon  or d) became a SK and couldn't turn off rig ? 

Jerry  n9avy

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Now seeing PSK31 tune on 14.0719 stronger.(single trace)
Also noticed PSK unmodulated tracks on 14.0722.  @10:32 EDT. fair strength.

Someone walk away from the TX?

KA1PPV  #1482

On Saturday, November 18, 2017 9:58 AM, "KMOORE10@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

I saw it yesterday as well.  I stay just up from it
Keith #2572

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If we are talking about the same thing I'm seeing an unmodulated carrier here in CT at 14.0719.  It's very weak but always there. Noticed  @ 8:50 am EDT.

KA1PPV  #1482

On Friday, November 17, 2017 3:52 PM, "n7we1980@... [070]" <070@...> wrote:

Fades in and out here in central FL.

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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