Re: 2018 ARRL Grid Chase


call me old fashioned..but I like a nice personable chat followed up by a paper QSL and even a handwritten letter ...
Brian K9WIS
Emiratus ARRL Member

---- "Christopher J LaRue NO7E [070]" <> wrote:

Anyone else read the specifications on this?  FT8 is going to be
absolutely dominating every band when this mess starts.  It will be a
year long FT8 contest.

I admit I like and use FT8 but I prefer to actually have a conversation
with other operators.  That is why I like PSK31, the problem is most of
the contacts are about as interesting lately as FT8.  Hello, my name is,
his/her name is the grid signal report and 73.  Sometimes you actually
get rig information and a little chat but that is getting rare even on

73 de Chris NO7E

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