Re: Newbie question re 070 Sprint contest rules

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I'll field that one, Barry.

It's the exact same format/rules/exchange as the Triple Play, it's just an additional contest on a different date. We're hoping maybe being more in "real winter" might quieten down the bands some and give us some better prop.

I'll work on getting a new page put up, but it's EXACTLY the same as the Triple Play, just on the December dates, so I'm really not sure there's a need.


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I see Double Header listed on the Contest Calendar but find no explanation to 
enlighten me on how it differs from Low Band Sprint.
Are we running the event again because of lousy conditions.

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Hey Ted,

Lucky for you the club is doing this sprint again next month!

We'll be lookin fer ya in upcoming contests.  They are always fun regardless where you place and the only enemy is the ionosphere.


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