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Dan Morris - KZ3T

I tend to agree with Jerry.  JT65 did its thing and I feel that FT8 will also and then pretty much be gone.  I love PSK31/63/125. Only do mostly 31 but I, as Jerry stated, probably work about the same as he does and that is if the person calls CQ, I answer and I just follow the flow.  If he wants to talk, I’ll talk and give as much info as he wants.  If not, then I’ll not provide any more info than I have to and keep it short.  If I’m calling CQ, it just depends on the mood I’m in while I’m working.  Generally I’ll give the usual 21 macros.  If the person at the other end doesn’t appear to have any numbers, then I give a very short basic info of name, sig report, QTH and done.  

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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My predictions are seldom accurate, but maybe this one will come to pass.
I suspect that FT-8 will self-destruct in a year or two because many will tire of contacts with little information. People get into ham radio to meet other people and have some meaningful conversations.  FT-8 QSOs are just plain old "599 QSL 73" ones and people will tire of that.  Choices of operating frequencies were ill conceived and there will be a backlash because of it.
I also predict that ARRL may see a loss in membership as a result of just another year long stupid contest which probably won't generate the revenue they had hoped. I plan on being one of the statistics in loss of revenue.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Anyone else read the specifications on this?  FT8 is going to be
absolutely dominating every band when this mess starts.  It will be a
year long FT8 contest.

I admit I like and use FT8 but I prefer to actually have a conversation
with other operators.  That is why I like PSK31, the problem is most of
the contacts are about as interesting lately as FT8.  Hello, my name is,
his/her name is the grid signal report and 73.  Sometimes you actually
get rig information and a little chat but that is getting rare even on

73 de Chris NO7E

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