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Jerry N9AVY

I generally try to use short macros and keep QSOs as short as the guy  on other end wants, but if he wants to have a longer conversation I'm up for that.   I've used PSK31  to welcome new operators and to encourage them... teach where I can.  If a station doesn't want to chat, that's okay.
Frankly I get tired of short macro-macro QSOs and need something else.  It's nice to find someone with common interests.  I've made a lot of good friends over the past 40 years doing that.  Perhaps the social media is responsible for the lack of the art of conversation ?  Maybe hams are now just boring geeks ?   There were days when I'd turn of a couple hams talking and they'd go on for hours and it was free entertainment while working on projects in the shack. 
Jerry  n9avy

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Jerry, I don't agree. I do not think all operators are interested in conversations. I'm one of them. I love FT8 because they are short. I think RTTY is typically short as well and I don't see that one going away. I also did JT-65 for a while. I tired of that, not because of the short communication, but because the length of time one took. Now, with FT-8 that problem has been resolved. I find it frustrating when I'm calling CQ and I send a short PSK31 QSO and I get back minutes and minutes of station data, weather data, antenna, etc. I have multiple macros, and I try to respect those sending. So if I answer a CQ being sent out, I will respond with more. But, not so much to draw out a long QSO and for what? Information that I don't need to know, and isn't a personal conversation. I've even broken out of the macros and had discussions when I see something interesting in the call or from QRZ data. FT-8 has been super fun and in a time where noise and signals are week, I've gotten more ATNO with FT-8 in the last 6 months than I have with PSK31. I love PSK31. I love this club. I love the endorsement checker. I would love to have something like that with every mode I do. 

Bryon, W7RIV

On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 12:18 PM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
My predictions are seldom accurate, but maybe this one will come to pass.
I suspect that FT-8 will self-destruct in a year or two because many will tire of contacts with little information. People get into ham radio to meet other people and have some meaningful conversations.  FT-8 QSOs are just plain old "599 QSL 73" ones and people will tire of that.  Choices of operating frequencies were ill conceived and there will be a backlash because of it.
I also predict that ARRL may see a loss in membership as a result of just another year long stupid contest which probably won't generate the revenue they had hoped. I plan on being one of the statistics in loss of revenue.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Anyone else read the specifications on this?  FT8 is going to be
absolutely dominating every band when this mess starts.  It will be a
year long FT8 contest. international-grid-chase-2018

I admit I like and use FT8 but I prefer to actually have a conversation
with other operators.  That is why I like PSK31, the problem is most of
the contacts are about as interesting lately as FT8.  Hello, my name is,
his/her name is the grid signal report and 73.  Sometimes you actually
get rig information and a little chat but that is getting rare even on

73 de Chris NO7E

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