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Jerry N9AVY

Okay ...  so what speed is  FT-8... most CW ops are send at 30-40 wpm.  Is FT-8 that fast ???   Also, what is band- width of FT-8 signal as compared to a CW signal ???
Just curious ...
Jerry  N9AVY

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Here is my prediction.

Given the level of automation in the current FT-8 version, its superior performance on very weak signals, and the minimalist exchange, I think FT-8 or its future evolution's will replace CW as the preferred contest mode.  In fact, I think I remember reading somewhere that part of its development was in response to other JT modes being too slow for contesting and requests for a high speed contest capable format that used the technology. As soon as N1MM logger+ is fully interfaced (if it hasn't already happened) I think it will be off to the races.  CW contesting is already mostly keyboard and automated.  Imagine CQ WW-CW with FT-8 as an allowed mode and a full legal limit amp!  Coming soon to your favorite HF band.  I hope not.

Time will tell. 

Rick - N7WE
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