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While the requirement for exchange of 10-10  numbers is required ....  NOT off QRZ, the other station's QSL nor on any band other than 10m ... 
I do see stations handing out 10-10 numbers on other bands ; especially PSK stations !   The also give out 30MDG and other numbers which are band specific.  Guess a lot of operators don't believe in rules.  Most just collect the numbers so the can have a big macro...
Jerry  N9AVY

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I would phrase that differently.

Most awards do NOT require explicit transmission/receipt of award information on the air. You don't have to certify that VQ9HF said he was on Chagos during the QSO to submit a VQ9HF QSL for DXCC. Even 070 does not require "exchange" of 070 numbers for LONP. One of the few that does is 10-10, that requires exchange of 10-10 numbers over the air to claim their "worked the members" award. Even the NPOTA rules didn't require the NPOTA number to be sent on the air--it was only required in the LoTW confirmation.

My guess is that ARRL is explicitly stating the same rules apply for this award. By making this explicit, they are heading off any questions they might otherwise receive about a certain currently-popular, extremely structured mode that happens to not include grid square in the exchanged information.


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Interesting that the ARRL announcement specifically mentions that the grid square is not required as part of the exchange.  Is that their way of saying all those FT-8 QSOs count?

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