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Stephen Melachrinos

I like the idea of WABM -- Worked All Big Macs.

Two additional comments:

- One good thing about the ARRL program is that it may encourage more stations to include grid squares on their LoTW confirmations. That can only benefit all of us.

- Technically, the 070 club's grid square awards were preceded by the TARA grid square awards. TARA had a "worked all states" grid square program at least ten years before 070 started ours only a few years ago, so we should give them credit for that. TARA recently gave up the program, but Ernie Mills (WM2U) is continuing the program as the GAP [Grid And Prefix] awards, at


P.S. Purists (and those with really good long-term memory) may note that the TARA grid awards were actually started under 070 sponsorship, but 070 "gave" them to TARA after a very short while. So maybe 070 does deserve some of the credit. 

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Definitely way behind 070  !   ARRL probably won't get a lot of action.  The Centennial was good, but then ARRL sought to capitalize on that with the NPOTA to drive interest in LOTW and make money for the League.
This one is just crazy.  They'd be better off with something more unique like working U.S. ZIP codes, rest stops on the Interstate system, people in various McDonalds (or other fast food places) parking lots, or anything else more creative.  
Not much of ARRL fan these days...
Jerry  n9avy

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Arrl just announced a grid square chase for 2018 automatically done for
any log submitted in 2018.

Years behind the 070 club.

Jim, K5SP

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