Re: G2 Geomagnetic storm underway


I'm at 50% on that one.  The neighbor up the street is very good about keeping his yard clean.  The other neighbor not so good.
All I have to do is get the wind to blow out of the NW and I'll be OK because then some of my leaves will return the favor.
In about three weeks the City of Stamford will come by and clean them all up so then it is their problem.  I can then settle in and
work all that fantastic DX that's out there.

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Do a good job of raking leaves and your neighbors will let you rake theirs , too. Especially that guy with 10 acres ! 

Jerry  n9avy

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Aw come on man!

Now I am forced to go out and rake leaves!

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This surely isn't helping the attempted contacts today!


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Space Weather News for Nov. 7, 2017 spaceweatherdotcom

GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: As predicted, a solar wind stream engulfed Earth on Nov. 7th, but the geomagnetic storms it is producing are stronger than expected. Moderate G2-class storms are underway at the time of this alert, sparking auroras around both of our planet's poles. The gaseous stream is flowing from a wide hole in the sun's atmosphere, and Ea! rth could be inside it for days. NOAA forecasters say there is a > 50% chance of continued storming (most likely G1-class) on Nov. 7th, 8th and 9th. Visit for more information and updates.

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