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Sry I only have 40m and 20m available right now.  Yeah E & W routes haven't picked up yet.
Should have purchased the 30m kit from Dave when I had the chance.  Next time I won't be so slow about things.

We'll get there.

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Our north-south paths remain strong while east-west is sporadic at best.
I find that 30M is providing some openings around 2400Z as well as 1500Z.
Is 30M an option for you?

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I'm keeping an eye on the WSPR tracks because there are several stations right in Vancouver.  I check daily on what they are seeing to determine if there is any chance for a contact.
So far they are seeing a lot of hams in 6 land and a few in the mid-west but very sparse from my area.  Also the Gray Line is beginning to shift in our favor so that may be a help.

I've noticed a big drop-off here of PSK31 on 20m with a corresponding pick-up of FT-8.  I'm hoping that someone will remain so that I can get out West a bit although I did have a QSO with K7VIC in Idaho a few weeks ago so there is still hope.  North/South routes are still strong here

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