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I've noticed the same thing here.  Just before  a solar event things appear really good.  When the solar wind elevates everything goes into the toilet.
Afterwards if the geo field gets quite then the condx appear enhanced.  I find that I add more to the log when the K index is 0-1 and the geo field is very quiet or inactive.
The ionosphere is definitely something to study because weird things happen all the time.

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12m prop here near the solar minimum will make this a real challenge.  Here is an interesting take I came across while web surfing ham stuff.  It is from a blog by G0KYA - Steve.  This is just a clip.  If you want to check out the full blog it is at
Geomagnetic storms can cause problems on HF, although they can also bring short-lived ionospheric enhancements so they are a double-edged sword.

For example, on Tuesday 10th October the bands were open to DX all the way up to 12 metres. But as the solar wind from the coronal hole hit on Wednesday, apart from a short-lived ionospheric enhancement the MUFs took a dive. 

By Thursday (12th) lunchtime, 20m was struggling to fully open and 17m was showing very little activity indeed. But by Thursday afternoon, and with a K of 5,  I had worked Saudi Arabia on 10m SSB.

This shows that at sunspot minimum with a solar flux index of just 66, quiet geomagnetic conditions may be better than stormy ones. So look for a K index in three 0-2 range, not 5-7! But then again, when solar plasma first hits the earth we may get some short-lived enhancements right up to 10m, so a high initial K index can work for us.   (underline supplied)
Let's hope for some of those "short-lived enhancements" and PLEASE -  if you catch one post here immediately.  You will have lots of friends (including me) if you do.

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