Fw: Rumble Attaboy

Leonel Soares <leonelfcs@...>

Hi Jay,
I wait also !!! 
PODXS cert. #004 

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Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2001 10:48 PM
Subject: Re: [070] Rumble Attaboy

Hi Jay,
Thanks for the 3 QSOs in the Rumble - it was fun.
I've posted my score on Ernie's web site and would really like to get the "attaboy".
Thanks and vy 73,
Chas, K8IJ
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Subject: [070] Rumble Attaboy

   070 Members - If you want the Rumble Attaboy for ur certificate, dont
forget to send me an email with ur request. No need to send ur log, just a
note saying that ur score is posted on the Rumble website...73 de Jay N3DQU.

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