Audio Level with DM780


I posted this on HRD group a while back and never got a response. For those of you that use HRD/DM780, what do you have as your normal audio level with DM780?


This is something I never really paid close attention too until I was playing around with audio levels. I followed a little recommended procedure for adjusting sound card levels with WSJTX. The goal is to get the output levels between +30- and +50 db on the scale. So I had to adjust my sound card levels and USB output on my rig as well. 

Just for kicks I went back to look at DM780 and found my audio bar at about 14%. I had been running my audio level into DM780 around 50%.  I checked the manual and I did not see a recommended level, however I did notice on a couple of screen shots of setup examples the level is down near 3%.

 Looking at the waterfall and db levels I did not see a difference from 18 to 50 on any signal on my waterfall.  I know that is not a scientific measurement.

My question is what is the recommended audio level for DM780,?




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